Is Your First Choice Domain Name Already Taken?
There was a time when you could think up a really good domain name and have a pretty good chance of it being available.  Unfortunately, those days are long gone!

So What Are Your Alternatives?
First of all, don't give up too quickly on coming up with a new suitable domain name.  Try some alternative domain extensions or get creative with the spelling.  Use the search box below to try your luck.  It links to our domain registration company,  If your domain is taken, Domain Officials will  offer alternative suggestions.  We don't monitor searches and then turn around and register them ourselves, although we have heard of this happening with some  registrars.  Still, if you find a domain you think you might want - GO AHEAD AND REGISTER IT!   It is a small investment, and if you don't register the domain,  someone else probably will.  If you don't use the domain, sell or park it for cash!
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No Luck?  Got to Have the .com Version?  Run Out of Ideas?
Check our growing list of pre-registered (after-market) domains.  We have some very high-quality domains that are up for auction.  All have a "buy now" asking price that will assure you of obtaining the domain.  If you can't afford the buy now price, make an offer and see if you have the winning bid (remember, others can bid for these same domains if you don't use the "buy now" feature).
Domain Trends to Watch
With Apple's recent purchase of, any domain with the word "cloud" in it seems to suddenly be a hot commodity.  Cloud computing was already gaining quite a bit of publicity before Apple's purchase.  Now the cloud domains have gone super-nova! Reseller Officials has  several premium cloud-based domains up for auction.

Got a Domain - Now What?
Well, that depends on the reason you bought it in the first place.  If you want to create a web site for your business or hobby, you will need to find a reliable web host.  We offer several hosting plans at, as well as our primary hosting company,  If you just want to park your domain or use it for your own custom email address, see our Links page for some options.  Parked domains can actually make money for you!
Start a Web Business!
How About Starting Your Own Domain Registration Business?
If you buy a lot of domains, why not become a reseller?  You'll be able to buy your domains at wholesale prices, as well as make some extra income selling registrations and other services to other people!  Click the video below to learn more:
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